Work on SEO with a CDBC!

Mychelle holding foster cat Chili, a grey spotted tabby.Companion animal behavior consultants have unique needs for their business marketing. How much easier it can be to work with a digital marketing expert who also happens to be a CDBC and knows what it’s like to run a behavior and/or training business? Whether it’s trying to figure out an online booking system, creating a better customer journey to bring in more clients, designing a website that converts visitors into clients or learning how to do social media when you have limited time and resources, I am well aware of the challenges you face (because I faced them myself!)

How I Can Help

Firelink Digital Marketing provides a variety of digital marketing services for small businesses and nonprofits. Some of the services provided include:

  • WordPress website design
  • WordPress website hosting and maintenance plans
  • WordPress website “fix it” services
  • SEO services, including audits, 3-month “sprints” and ongoing monthly plans
  • Social media strategy consultations
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing consultations
  • Content writing, including website page writing, blog writing, grantwriting and preparing business plans.
  • Digital marketing consultations
  • Online course and LMS setup
  • Webinar setup and tech support

Don’t see what you need on the list? Let me know what you’re looking for and if I can’t help you, I can provide you with resources who can!

Cat & Dog Behavior Consultants!

Hippocampus Online logoIn addition to operating Firelink Digital Marketing, I run Hippocampus Online with Katenna Jones. You will find CEU opportunities for cat and dog behavior consultants including short-form webinars, self-study courses and on-demand recordings of conferences. It’s also the home of the Feline Inappropriate Elimination Course and Certificate Program, and we also run the LYF mentorship program for cat behavior consultants. Check it out and sign up for our mailing list!

IAABC Member Discounts

As an IAABC member and a CDBC, I’m proud to offer a discount to current IAABC members on the following services:

Website Audit

Website audits cover reviewing your content, SEO (technical, on-page and off-page) and basic accessibility issues. Audits are necessary for any type of ongoing SEO plan and can also be useful before planning a redesign. The website audit deliverables include a written report of issues for you to fix on the site and a Loom video going through the findings in the report. Website audits are normally $400 but the cost to IAABC members is $350.

Google Business Profile Audit & Optimization

If you already have a Google Business Profile setup but want a professional review of how you can improve your profile, I will review every aspect of your profile, including competitor analysis and keyword research and provide recommendations on how to improve it. The review will come with a written report and I will handle the changes for you! (Please note, some changes may require written content and/or images/video from you to be completed.) Google Business Profile audits and optimization packages are normally $450 but the cost to IAABC members is $400.


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