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Hygge: hyg-ge: a cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable; invoking a sense or fostering a sense of coziness, contentment, and well-being.

Getting a website shouldn’t be a stressful experience!

Get online with HyggeWeb the stress-free way with

  • Low-cost plans designed for your budget
  • 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied
  • Own your website fully within 18 months
  • Professionally designed WordPress website by an experienced and local marketing expert
  • Fully optimized for search engines
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive website built with accessibility in mind

How It Works

We want your website experience to be a Hygge one – no stress, no headaches, no drama! It’s easy to get started:

  1. Sign up online and set up your monthly payment.
  2. We’ll set up a Zoom meeting to interview you regarding your business/non-profit’s needs, goals, and more.
  3. We’ll create a sitemap and you’ll provide the content in a Google Drive we set up for you.
  4. We’ll create a design draft for you to review
  5. We’ll launch the website!
  6. You will be billed for your monthly payment for 18 months. At the end of that period, you can continue to stay with us and pay just for hosting and maintenance, or we’ll be happy to help you move the site to the hosting of your choice for free!

Choose a Plan:

Brochure Site

A simple professional one-page site to showcase your brand.
$ 99 Monthly for 12 months
  • Custom WordPress design
  • Website hosting with security
  • Unlimited content updates
  • Mobile, performance & SEO optimized
  • Google Analytics 4 setup
  • 1 page

Starter Site

The perfect option for brand new businesses & non-profits.
$ 195 Monthly for 18 months
  • Custom WordPress design
  • Website hosting with security
  • Unlimited content updates
  • Mobile, performance & SEO optimized
  • Google Analytics 4 setup
  • Up to 5 pages

Starter Plus Site

The most popular option for small businesses & non-profits getting online
$ 250 Monthly for 18 months
  • Everything in Starter plan plus:
  • Third-party software integration (i.e. booking software)
  • Lead Generation Form Form Integration (i.e. MailChimp, Constant Contact)
  • Termaggedon privacy policies and TOS
  • 10 pages total

Premium Site

Designed for businesses & non-profits looking to expand their online presence
$ 400 Monthly for 18 months
  • Everything in Starter Plus plan plus:
  • Ecommerce shop using WooCommerce or Surecart
  • Automated posting of Google reviews on site
  • Copywriting for website pages using Bing Copilot
  • Up to 25 pages total

Frequently Asked Questions

Our subscriptions are for 12 months for the one-page option and 18 months for the others. After that you can move the site to another host or stay with us and pay for just hosting and maintenance. We have a variety of hosting/maintenance and hosting only plans to meet every budget, with non-profit discounts as well.

You will have full editing access to your site during the 12-to-18-month period, though we will retain admin access to make sure everything is working correctly. You will be able to add pages and posts (blogs) and make content changes as much as you like. We’ll even provide training videos for you! After 12/18 months you will have admin access as well.  We’re also happy to make all the content changes for you if you don’t want to learn how and want to spend time focusing on your business instead!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term process that helps your site to rank higher in Google searches. This type of service is not included, though can be added for an additional fee. What all the sites in our plans DO have is the setup to get started on the right foot with SEO. This includes unique meta descriptions written for each page, correct heading structure, proper page titles, image alt tags and SEO-friendly URLs, as well as submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 setup. As experienced SEO professionals, we often have clients come to us with sites that have none of this set up or set up improperly, so having the basics in place is a huge help as well as getting analytics data that can be used for planning.

Termaggedon is an excellent company that provides privacy policies and terms of service for your website that update automatically as new privacy laws are added to the books. Privacy laws are constantly changing and more and more are added each year as the safety of personal and business data on the internet becomes more of a concern.

If your website asks potential or current clients for any type of personal data, even just their name and email, then you need a privacy policy on your site. A privacy policy can assuage fears that their data will be sold to third parties and added to spam lists and can protect you in the event of a suit. Our Starter Plus plan and higher includes an active license with Termaggedon which you can choose to take over, or decline, after the 18 months.

Accessibility refers to the ability for people with disabilities to access your website. This can be through a screen reader or assisted devices for people with physical constraints. While we cannot guarantee that our sites are fully accessible, we do build with accessibility in mind and can assist you with creating an accessibility statement for your website.  If you require your site to meet the WCAG A or AA standards, we can do this for an extra fee.

We do not handle graphic design, logo design or branding. We do have excellent referrals for these services and can assist you with finding someone who can help you with these needs.

Yes! Qualified 501c3 non-profits get a 10% discount on the monthly and one-time service fee rates. I also offer a non-profit rate for hosting and maintenance plans once your 12-to-18-month plan has concluded.

The truth is, we came up with the idea for HyggeWeb after seeing the concept put into place by other successful website designers we admire. We feel it meets a need for a professional, high-quality website that is often out of reach for many businesses and non-profits, both startups and ones that have been around for some time with smaller budgets and less cash flow. Rather than see potential clients use a third-party platform like Wix and DIY the site without a background in design, coding, marketing , SEO and copywriting, resulting in site that really doesn’t do much for them, we want to see people get started correctly.  A properly set-up website with strong copywriting, solid design and the SEO fundamentals can lead to more clients or donors coming to your website and helping you to grow. We also strongly believe you should OWN your site and not be tied to any one platform or company, including us!

What if I Need Help With Other Features?

No worries, we do provide extra services a la carte for all our plans!

  • Additional Pages – Add $125/page one-time fee
  • Professional copywriting for website pages – Add $150/page one-time fee
  • Online booking form integration – Add $150 one-time fee. You will also have to pay your chosen service’s monthly or yearly fees (i.e. Acuity, Calendly, Book Like a Boss)
  • WordPress plugin setup – We can set up a wide variety of plugins, from event calendars to registration and ticketing to Learning Management (LMS) and membership systems. Contact for a quote as these have varying levels of complexity. You will also be responsible for paying the plugin’s annual license fees, if any.
  • Accessibility – if you require us to create a site that meets WCAG A or AA standards, contact us for a quote.
  • Email setup – We do not handle email hosting but we can assist you with setting up Google Workspace emails. Our setup fee is $150 and you will also need to pay the monthly fees for Google Workspace depending on which plan of theirs you choose.

Can You Also Help with SEO and Marketing?

Yes, we specialize in Local SEO and can add the following to your plan:

  • Google Business Profile Setup, Optimization and/or Management – Visit our Google Business Profile service page for more details.
  • Monthly SEO Plans – Our plans include keyword research, reviewing analytics and content creation/marketing. Contact us for a monthly quote based on your business’ unique needs.
  • Social Media Marketing – We can also assist you with social media marketing. Visit our Social Media Management page for more details.

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